Volumetric Capture Studio Dimension Launches Partner Programme

Last year we took a tour of Dimension, an amazing new volumetric capture studio that utilizes Microsoft’s Mixed Reality Capture tech, located in London. The facility is designed to make realistic 3D performance capture accessible to everyone. Today, the studio is taking its mission a step further.
Dimension today launched its Partner Programme, which grants access to Windows Desktop, VR, iOS and Android software development kits (SDKs). That means content creators that shoot at the studio will be given tools, plugins and documentation to start integrating their captured performances into apps built with either Unity or Unreal Engine 4. Successful applicants will also be given sample projects to test out and get to grips with.
Volumetric capture is an increasingly promising means of bringing photorealism to VR, AR and other experiences. Dimension in particular consists of a circular rig lined with cameras that record a performance from every angle. The information each camera captures is then stitched together to digitize a performance as a 3D asset. Apps like Blade Runner: Memory Lab already use this technique in VR.
“With an estimated 1 billion smartphones now AR enabled, Dimension has seen strong demand for mobile support and today we are excited to introduce our Partner Programme enabling companies and creatives to develop even richer AR experiences, with believable virtual humans at their heart,” Simon Windsor of Dimension operator Hammerhead said in a press release.
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Source: Volumetric Capture Studio Dimension Launches Partner Programme