Oculus Teases Unreleased ‘Quill’ Animation Tools

Oculus has provided an unreleased build of the Quill VR paint app to an artist to experiment with animation features. Released earlier this year, Quill allows users to create still 3D drawings in VR. Using the new animation tools artist Goro Fujita shows what the app’s animation tools can do.

Oculus Story Studio, the company’s VR film division, built Quill initially as an internal tool for creating the VR film Dear Angelica. The film surrounds viewers in a hand-painted world which indeed includes animated elements. Quill launched to the public in beta when the company’s Touch VR controllers released earlier this year, and while we found the VR paint tool very impressive, it didn’t include animation capabilities.
Dreamworks Animation artist Goro Fujita had his hands on Oculus’ art tools (both Quill and Medium) ahead of their public launch and has created a number of impressive works in both apps since.
In new videos published recently, Fujita shows a new piece of artwork he’s calling ‘A Moment in Time’ which features an animated Quill scene which was painted and animated with an unreleased version of the app which Fujita says was provided to him by Oculus. You can see a tour of the work in the video heading this article; in a followup video, the artist walks through the scene pointing out various elements and commentating on its creation:
[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KPxYcHCQBY0?feature=oembed&w=640&h=360]
At present it isn’t clear if Oculus intends to roll out the animation tools into the public release of Quill in a coming update, or if it will keep that version internal, though the release to Fuijta (who doesn’t work for Oculus, and apparently was not asked to keep this information secret) does make us think it could be foreshadowing an eventual public release. We’ve reached out to Oculus for comment.

Hat tip to Reddit user N1Cola who spotted Fujita’s videos.
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