HTC’s Official Vive Video App Adds Oculus Support

We know, we know, we’re drowning in VR video apps, filled with 360 degree content. But on the off chance that Jaunt, Oculus Video, Facebook 360, YouTube, Littlstar apps and many others don’t quench your thirst, HTC has its own solution – Vive Video.
This free app hit Viveport back at the start of the year, but this week launched on Steam and brought support for not only HTC’s own headset but also the Oculus Rift and OSVR devices too. In fact the Viveport version recently got an update that added in support for the Oculus Touch controllers too, as well as the Xbox One gamepads that come bundled with the Rift.
It’s still not the most noteworthy 360 video hub, though there are some interesting additions to the library including a sneak peek at Baobab’s upcoming animated short, Asteroids!.
While it’s interesting that HTC has retroactively added Oculus support to Vive Video, it’s not too surprising. The company’s games publishing division, Vive Studios, is developing content like Arcade Saga that supports both Vive and Rift, and there’s no reason that approach shouldn’t extend to other types of experiences.
That’s especially true seeing as HTC Joel’s Breton recently said that Oculus’ own exclusive content was “hampering developers”. The company is at least following through with these kinds of statements by backing Oculus just as much as it does Vive.
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Source: HTC’s Official Vive Video App Adds Oculus Support