Curiscope’s Operation Apex Set for Release Next Week

A few months ago, Curiscope – the company behind The Virtuali-Tee – announced a new project in conjunction with Vive Studios, a virtual reality (VR) adventure called Operation Apex that takes viewers beneath the waves. Now the studio has revealed Operation Apex will launch for HTC Vive on 30th November.
Expanding its first immersive piece, Great White Sharks, a 360-degree video that aimed to correct the misconception of sharks and show how crucial the species is in the global food web, Operation Apex aims to go that one step further by creating a full room-scale experience.

“Our initial success encouraged us to craft a fully interactive room-scale adventure where sharks can detect your presence,” Curiscope explained in it’s blog. “Only a handful of people get to experience diving in the deep-sea and study marine life first hand. Operation Apex enables you to interact with sharks and many other elusive creatures that are rarely seen outside of their natural habitats. What’s more, the sharks in Operation Apex have the ability to react to your presence, and we can’t wait to reveal more about the algorithms that power them.”
Operation Apex’s story revolves around you playing a citizen scientist, who takes control of a research rig in order to learn about the current state of the oceans. As you do so you observe a massive Great White Shark, following the animal to learn more.
Alongside Operation Apex and The Virtuali-Tee, Curiscope has partnered with book publisher Dorling Kindersley on All About Virtual Reality, covering the history of the technology whilst including a free Cardboard headset and five experiences. Curiscope also collaborated with The Quantum Storey Company on a new VR book series called Operation YOU, starting with Morning Nightmare, depicting the pitfalls and pressures experienced boarding the school bus.
VRFocus will continue its coverage of Curiscope, reporting back with the latest updates.

Source: Curiscope’s Operation Apex Set for Release Next Week