Blood, Bugs, and Bullets Looks Like Starship Troopers VR

I’m all for campy stuff. When done correctly, cheesy humor that doesn’t take itself too seriously can bring out plenty of smiles in even the most jaded of gamers. While it’s hard to tell for sure based on a single trailer and email summary, it certainly sounds and looks like Blood, Bugs, and Bullets, or B3 for short, from 4 | Lab (the same team that brought us the decidedly silly Drunk or Dead) could fit the bill.
If the name didn’t give it away already, B3 is a shooter with lots of blood, bugs, and bullets. From what we’ve seen I’m getting a very strong Starship Troopers meets Earth Defense Force vibe, which is great, because too many VR games are aiming for ultra-realism these days.

In B3 you’ll gun down countless giant bugs and aliens in your quest to rid the world of the disgusting scum. The game is also designed to be a cooperative affair so you don’t have to go it alone when facing down the swarms.
B3 is currently in a Closed Alpha state with two playable story missions that vary between attacking and defending. It’s leaning hard into the lighthearted retro-futuristic vibe, which certainly helps play up the Starship Trooper comparisons.
Currently it’s slated for a Fall 2019 full release, which hopefully means Early Access or a Beta of some kind before then later this year or early next year. It’ll have support for Rift, Vive, and Windows VR headsets.
What do you think based on what you’ve heard so far? Let us know down in the comments below!
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Source: Blood, Bugs, and Bullets Looks Like Starship Troopers VR