What to Expect at E3 2018: Sony’s PlayStation VR

The PlayStation VR has been a showcase piece for Sony Interactive Entertainment (SIE) at the Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3), Los Angeles, for two years running. Last year’s media briefing featured a segment which demonstrated dozens of titles in quick succession, including big hits such as Moss and new downloadable content (DLC) for Farpoint. This year, the heat is on to raise more interest in the PlayStation VR beyond that of the early adopters.

The PlayStation VR is arguably the most successful of all the head-mounted displays (HMDs) currently available. While it may not have outsold the Samsung Gear VR, it most certainly has a much bigger active install base. But what’s next? Those who were keen to get the device early-on have already jumped in, and so SIE need to bring a big new wave of titles to convince the naysayers that now is the time to jump into virtual reality (VR).

New VR Games
We should expect a number of new titles at E3 this year as part of SIE’s media briefing, both first- and third-party. Indeed, the recent announcement of a PlayStation VR version of Archiact’s Evasion has started the ball rolling, and there’s likely to be many more on the way. Something new from Polyarc – currently assumed to be a second chapter for Moss – is expected, plus more information on the release of Blood & Truth and numerous other PlayStation VR titles that are considered missing in action.

Originally expected in Q1 2018, Megalith hasn’t delivered any new information for some time. A new playable build at E3 2018 should be expected, plus hopefully some solid details on a release later this year. It wouldn’t come as too much of a surprise to see Megalith held back for a holiday season launch.

Blood & Truth
And the same applies for Blood & Truth, also. After the hugely positive reaction to the spiritual predecessor – The London Heist featured in PlayStation VR launch title, PlayStation VR Worlds – Blood & Truth is looking set to be an influencer amongst new adopters of the PlayStation VR. SIE will undoubtedly want to time such a launch wisely, and will surely use E3 to build hype for the title prior to its launch later this year.

‘Golem will launch on 13th March 2018!’
Really? Then where is it? Nowhere, except maybe in SIE’s E3 plans. Highwire Games’ PlayStation VR adventure has been high on many early adopters ‘most wanted’ lists for quite some time, and so the rapid updating of information late last year built up the hope that it might actually see a release soon. Nearly six months later and we’ll still no closer to seeing an official launch. All we can do is hope that E3 will bring the news we want.
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