The Future of Music Creation & DJ Performance with ‘TheWave’

One of the most immersive and memorable experiences that I tried at the Silicon Valley Virtual Reality Conference yesterday was TheWave. Just as TiltBrush is able to unlock your creative expression through 3D drawing, TheWave has the potential to lower the barrier to composing music with their 3D sequencer tools. TheWave development team is made up of a collection of VR developers who are also musicians wanting to use VR to unlock their musical creativity, but also eventually help to revitalize the music industry by providing working musicians another outlet for doing live virtual performances.
One of the developers is Unello Design’s Aaron Lemke, who originally got into VR with because he wanted to have an outlet for his ambient music with experiences like Eden River. I had a chance to catch up with Aaron at SVVR where he talks about TheWave’s musical composition create mode as well as a DJ performance mode, their cross-platform networked experience that they premiered at the VR Mixer at GDC, and how he sees VR playing into the future of music composition and performance.

Here’s a video demo of the DJ performance mode for TheWave
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