The Biggest PSVR Releases Of the Week 08/05/18

Now this is the kind of week we like to see. Two VR experiences (one of them free!) and not a gun in sight. These two apps represent something genuinely new for headsets; no wave shooting or third-person platforming. Let’s check them out.

We Happy Few: Uncle Jack Live, from Signal Space Lab
Price: Free
This is a surprise tie-in app for Compulsion Games’ long-awaited We Happy Few. It finds you thrust into the game’s dystopian world as a guest editor on a radio show. Though brief, it uses some pretty interesting techniques to immerse you in one of the most interesting gaming worlds we’ve seen in some time.

Electronauts, from Survios
Price: $19.99
Sprint Vector developer Survios returns with an entirely different type of experience. Electronauts is a VR music mixer that uses smart interactions to produce a strikingly natural experience. The music might not be suited to your tastes but it’s hard not to feel the groove as you start playing around with this audible feast.
Watch both (mixed reality and multiplayer) of our livestreams from this week.
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