The Biggest PSVR Releases Of The Week 05/07/18

It’s a great week to be a PSVR fan! There’s plenty of great indie games to choose from this week, and only one of them requires you to fire a gun! This is absolutely a set of games you should be checking out.

To The Top, from Electric Hat Games
Price: $19.99
One of our favorite VR games from last year finally comes to PSVR. To The Top is a unique VR game in which you gallop like an animal in order to speed through environments faster than you’d believe is possible in a headset. The intuitive control scheme makes it a real thrill and a year of updates have made it the full package.

The Perfect Sniper, from Sinn Studio
Price: $14.99
Want to feel like a super slick hitman? Perfect Sniper might be your best chance so far in VR, offering you the chance to take out high profile targets from the safety of behind your rifle. But it’s not all about sniping; the game also has close-combat sequences that look like they’re a lot of fun, too.

Black Hat Cooperative, from Team Future
Price: $9.99
This classic VR game finally comes to PSVR, bringing a brilliant take on stealth with it. You can’t see enemy locations when you’re in VR, but showing on a traditional TV screen is a map that shows everyone’s location. Work together with a friend to make your moves at the right time and reach the finish line safely.

Along Together, from Turbo Button
Price: $19.99 (currently discounted)
Turbo Button’s charming little platformer, Along Together, finally makes its way over to other headsets since debuting on Google Daydream. You play as a young child’s imaginary friend, guiding them through environments with your giant hand that can move platforms and more. This is an enjoyable adventure well worth seeing through.
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