SuperHyperCube Coming To Vive But Polytron Still Stands By Rift Boycott

Vibrant puzzler SuperHyperCube [Review: 7.5/10] was one of the better launch games for PlayStation VR. Vive fans pay attention, then; it looks like you can play it soon.
The developer took to Twitter to tease a Vive version of the game with a GIF of the kit’s controllers displayed in its retro-future art style. Polytron didn’t offer any other details about the launch of the Vive version, but be sure to be on the lookout for it.

— Polytron (@Polytron) January 30, 2017

SuperHyperCube has you fitting 3D objects through approaching holes, and is often likened to a sort of VR reimagining of Tetris. In our review we noted it was a game that many would find “fun and addictive”, though its simplicity was both “its greatest asset” and “its largest weakness”.
On PS VR the game uses DualShock 4 controls. Hopefully Polytron has plans to implement motion controls into the Vive version, though the GIF seems to suggest the controllers’ touchpads will instead mimic directional and face buttons on the left and right respectively, just like you’d see on a traditional gamepad.
Usually, the launch of a Vive game is accompanied with a release on Oculus Rift and its Touch controllers too, but SuperHyperCube looks to be one of the rare games where that won’t be the case. You may recall that Polytron, famous for 2012 videogame Fez, cancelled plans for the Rift version of the game last September when it transpired that headset creator Palmer Luckey had funded a political propaganda campaign.
“In a political climate as fragile and horrifying as this one, we cannot tacitly endorse these actions by supporting Luckey or his platform,” the developer wrote. “In light of this, we will not be pursuing Oculus support for our upcoming VR release, SUPERHYPERCUBE.”
We reached out to Polytron to ask if this was still the case and they confirmed that nothing had changed. If you want to play this one, you’ll need to get yourself either a Vive or PSVR. However, it is worth noting that even if the developer’s do not officially endorse and support the Rift platform, the game may still run just fine via SteamVR. At least, that’s the case with many other “Vive only” games currently available.
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