Something For The Weekend: End Of April Oculus Deals

The last weekend of April and VRFocus has put together some of the best virtual reality (VR) deals available from the Oculus store to help you find your next favourite. As always be sure to check back every weekend for even more deals right here on VRFocus.

The Exorcist: Legion VR
The Exorcist: Legion VR is an episodic VR adventure set in the world created by horror maestro William Peter Blatty. Explore five unique chapters each filled with rich supernatural storytelling as you learn the trade of demonic exorcism and reveal the path leading towards the final confrontation. Do you have what it takes to bring down your darkest, most hidden fears?
The Exorcist: Legion VR is available now on Oculus Rift for £2.99 (GBP) down from £3.99 and includes chapter one, which approximately 30 minutes of playtime. Further chapters are available via an purchase within the title.

Pinatas Rockets
Are you looking for a party? How about one with pinatas that have fireworks attached to them? Well, in Pinatas Rockets you can fire rockets at pinatas to set off the fireworks and fill the nights sky with stunning displays of colour and explosions. Pinatas Rockets is a festive, family arcade title that will be sure to put a smile on your face.
Pinatas Rockets is currently available for £3.99 (GBP) down from the usual £7.99 now on Oculus Rift.

City Defender
“Have you ever wanted to be a real superhero? In VR game City Defender everything is possible! Protect the city from enemies. Immerse yourself in virtual reality without leaving your room. In City Defender virtual reality game you float in the air wearing a robot costume. A great city with millions of people is behind you. Protect it with your life blocking attacks from enemy forces, stay strong, stay focused, try not to miss any shots. A real robot fight! Virtual Reality have never been so real. City Defender is one of those VR games that will bring new emotions and experience in your life.”
City Defender is now on Oculus Rift available for £3.99 (GBP) down from £7.99.

Forklift Simulator
Have you ever wanted to learn how to drive a forklift? If the answer is yes, and even no for that matter, then Forklift Simulator might be a title for you. Jump into the drivers sea and learn how to drive, park and operate a forklift all while completing a number of different tests and challenges. The title even includes multiplayer so you can race against other players from around the world.
Forklift Simulator is available now for £4.99 (GBP) on sale from the usual £8.99 for Oculus Rift.

Guns And Notes
“Choose one of three music genres or upload your favourite track. Shoot at the notes coming out of the loudspeakers to score points. When you shoot notes on the same colour one after the other you will score extra combo points. Aim at violin keys and various instruments to score even more points! If you really want to score high, here is a tip – don’t miss!”
Guns And Notes is now only £3.99 (GBP) down from £7.99 on Oculus Rift.

Cube Puzzle

In this first-person VR puzzle title, players will need to control a group of cubes and rotate them to make them fit through a hole in the hole. Every successful hole you pass through will add more blocks to your cluster making it harder and harder to succeed. Keep the chain going for as long as possible to earn more points and unlock more levels and see how far you can take your cube cluster.
Cube Puzzle is available now on Gear VR for £0.79 (GBP) down from £1.49.

In this title players escape to the biggest amusement park in VR and experience over 12 different rides. Choose a character and jump online with players from around the world and experience the excitement of HAPPY WORLD LAND.
HAPPY WORLD LAND is currently £0.79 (GBP) down from £2.29 for Gear VR.

Wizard TD
“Players will play the role of wizard. Through perspective shifts and clicks, players can travel through magical towers. Through clicks, players can cast different types of spells. The stars obtained by completing the tasks can upgrade the skills to make them stronger. Players can also set various types of turrets to prevent the invasions of demons and monsters army! Wizard guild will fight together with players until all the demons and monsters are eliminated.”
Wizard TD is currently on sale for £0.79 (GBP) down from £1.49 for Gear VR.

Time Machine VR: Monsters of the Sea
Take a time back in time in this exciting VR experience where you will get to witness some of the most stunning creatures from the Jurassic era. Using scanning projectiles, you will need to learn as much as you can about these creatures before unlocking further levels each offering an immersive experience.
Time Machine VR: Monsters of the Sea is currently available for £1.11 (GBP) down from £2.29 for Gear VR.

Ninjutsu Warrior
“You’re a young ninja training under the legendary master Osamu, on a quest to sharpen your skills with the sword. Slice fresh fruits, avoid rotten ones and complete objectives in each level as you progress through your training to become a legendary Ninjutsu warrior.”
Ninjutsu warrior is available for only £0.79 (GBP) right now on sale from £2.29 for Gear VR.
That is all for this week but remember that VRFocus gathers all the best sales and deals every week, so check back next weekend at the same time to discover more.

Source: Something For The Weekend: End Of April Oculus Deals