Skyrim VR, Rick and Morty Conquer PSVR July Charts

July’s PS Store charts are in, and they’re pretty standard in both the US and EU.
Skyrim VR takes the top spot in Europe, whilst Rick and Morty: Virtual Rick-Ality claims the crown in the USA. Both lists are largely filled out with the usual suspects like Job Simulator, Batman: Arkham VR and Superhot VR. Both the EU and US stores enjoyed sales with big discounts on some of these games over the past month so it’s not surprising to see so many familiar names crop up.
Special shoutout goes to Tarsier’s brilliant little puzzle oddity, Statik, which just makes it into the 10 spot in the US.
Undoubtedly the biggest PSVR release last month, The Persistence, comes in at 7 on the EU chart but didn’t even feature in the US chart. Don’t forget that the game was also available on disc, though, and could actually be found cheaper physically than it could digitally, so we wouldn’t be surprised if this played a part in the results.
August is a big month for PSVR, with three big games launching in the last week in Firewall, Torn and Bow to Blood. They won’t have long to make an impact on the charts, but hopefully they can produce some varied results for a change.
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Source: Skyrim VR, Rick and Morty Conquer PSVR July Charts