Sketchfab Favs: Dark Souls And Summer Splashes

Every week VR artists are making amazing new sculptures using tools like Tilt Brush and Oculus Quill. These elaborate artworks go beyond what’s possible in our world, often creating entirely new ones. It would be a shame to let these go to waste, so we’re highlighting four awesome new pieces featured on 3D model site Sketchfab that we’ve come across recently.
This week we’ve got a nod to Dark Souls and some great summer scenes.
A Bigger Splash, by Miguelangelo Rosario

A bigger Splash
by Miguelangelo Rosario
on Sketchfab

Summer’s here! Or at least it certainly feels like it with this lovely little scene built inside Gravity Sketch. We love the reflections in the window suggesting this is just one small part of a larger Californian setting.
Ancient Civilizations, by Nick Ladd

Quill – Ancient Civilizations
by Nick Ladd
on Sketchfab

If you want someone that can demonstrate the immense detail and beauty that’s capable with Oculus Quill then look no further than this astonishing scene from Ladd. The detail on the ancient artifact is incredible.
Dancer of the Boreal Valley, Artem Shupa-Dubrova

Dancer of the Boreal Valley
by Artem Shupa-Dubrova
on Sketchfab

Dark Souls might not have ventured into VR yet, but this brilliant piece made inside Tilt Brush shows you just how scary its many enemies would be up close. No element has been spared in bringing the dancer to life. Nice work.
Enter the Rift, by Nick Ladd

Quill – Enter the Rift
by Nick Ladd
on Sketchfab

Here’s a bit of inception for you. Why not look at the Rift inside your Rift? This great snapshot of current VR technology was built inside Quill using the very tools you see here. My head hurts. Have I gone too deep into VR?
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Source: Sketchfab Favs: Dark Souls And Summer Splashes