RPG Creation Software ‘SMILE GAME BUILDER’ Gets VR Viewing Mode

Game creation has become a big topic for ease-of-use software applications in recent years. Game Maker is one of the most popular examples as it was used to create several hit indie games such as Hotline Miami, Undertale, and Spelunky.
RPG Maker also tops the list of simpler game creation tools, as well as Twine for interactive fiction, All of these programs are viewed as a more approachable way of getting into game development as opposed to the more complex programming required for engines such as Unity and Unreal.

SMILE GAME BUILDER, which can be found on Steam, isn’t as well known as any of the ones listed thus far, but it gets the job done for those that take the time to learn its very specific use cases. It empowers users to make their own RPGs, similar to RPG Maker, but can use 3D graphics when you’re exploring and boasts a much brighter and more stylized art style, as opposed to the pixel art of the recent RPG Maker MV.
As is popular in many game engines, such as Unity, SMILE GAME BUILDER is adding the ability to interact with your creations in real-time by going inside a VR headset. Currently, the beta build of the feature does not support actually editing and moving things around when you’re in VR, it’s simply features an alternate viewing mode. This could prove useful for creators that want to get a closer view at their games or take a look at things from a new perspective.
[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kxkO_9nThew?feature=oembed&w=1200&h=675]
“Players can experience the 3D RPG world they created with SMILE GAME BUILDER in the virtual space with HDM equipment without data conversion and any coding,” said Reimi Kojima from SmileBoom, creators of SMILE GAME BUILDER. “The VR system is supported by HTC VIVE and Oculus Rift and players are able to change the angle of view by switching the camera position between bird’s-eye and character’s view.This is still a beta version but we are excited to develop this system with users’ opinions, and we think it is going to be very interesting if players would be able to create their original RPG games with VIVE controller or Oculus Touch in the future.”
For those interested, you can check out SMILE GAME BUILDER on Steam where it currently has a 20% off sale price of $63.99.
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Source: RPG Creation Software ‘SMILE GAME BUILDER’ Gets VR Viewing Mode