Race Against Origami Robots In This Calming AR Puzzler

Old meets new as Mechagami World bring the ancient art of Japanese paper folding to smartphones
Dating back to the Edo period (1603–1867), traditional Japanese origami is a specific style of art involving the folding, and sometimes cutting, of paper to form various sculptures. Those unfamiliar with the practice will still most likely recognize the famous paper crane model, a standard model design that’s become origamis unofficial mascot of sorts.

In an effort to help bridge this ancient art with modern technology, augmented artist David Williamson has developed Mechagami World, a new AR experience which allows users to explore a 3D origami garden intertwined with the real world. Using their smartphones camera to view the colorful paper action, users can participate in a variety of origami-based activities, from solving puzzles by moving around AR objects in a 3D space, to navigating paper butterflies around obstacles and playing a few rounds of Whack-A-Squirmy-Paper-Mole. There’s even an escort mission where you use a paper butterfly to safely guide a host of paper bunnies back their mother.

Users can interact with a variety of unique origami creatures and complete assignments to unlock power-ups and other styles of origami paper in which to experiment with. Digital windmills spread across your augmented garden are their to help, propelling you in different directions as your catch their strong breeze. Collecting digital coins from pesky moles will also unlock additional content.
Increasingly challenging levels and unlockable features keep the serene AR puzzler fun and engaging hours in. For even more goodies, turn on Mechagami Worlds optional ad sytem to unlock additional bonus levels. Not a bad-trade-off!

Looking for some cooperative paper folding action? Mechagami World provides multiplayer functionality allowing players to share a 3D garden and solve puzzles together.
Mechagami World is available for free on iOS devices running on update 11.0 or later. For more information be sure to check out Williamson’s official Facebook page.
Image Credit: David Williamson
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