Overkill VR Integrates Support for PPGun Controller

Game Troopers, the publisher behind virtual reality (VR) first-person shooter (FPS), Overkill VR, has announced that the title will now support the PPGun controller by Shenzhen Simeng Technology Co., Ltd.
Helping to provide a greater level of immersion for VR players, the PPGun integrates the same buttons that a HTC Vive controller has. So that players can reload, shoot, use support items and change the weapon quickly and efficiently n the heat of combat.

The update for Overkill VR to support PPGun also includes

Mixed reality recording works with PPGun
Pressing space will change the camera tracker for recording in Mixed Reality.
Machine gun levels redesigned for PPGun version, now players are able to aim and shoot with PPGun and the machine gun will follow all their moves.
Position of the guns readapted to improve the immersion and aim through the gunsight.
New tutorial for PPGun players.

So while this could add to the overall experience there’s one small cravat, and that’s availability. The PPGun website doesn’t have a price, simply referring customers to its contact details. However PPGun did run an IndieGoGo, looking to raise $20,000 USD which was unsuccessful. Here the rifle retailed for $338 including the Vive Tracker.
As VRFocus learns more about PPGun and where to buy it, we’ll let you know.


Source: Overkill VR Integrates Support for PPGun Controller