Oculus Studios’ Augmented Empire Gets A Release Date

Lone Echo isn’t the only big Oculus Studios title releasing next month; Coatsink’s Augmented Empire is also on its way to Gear VR.
The turn-based strategy game is releasing on July 13th, the studio confirmed today. Augmented Empire is set on the fictional island of New Savannah, where citizens are divided up by a class system. You follow a band of rebels as they make their way across the island, but really you’ll play as a mysterious chartacter that watches the action from their comfort of their own office — a little like the VR integration in Mike Bithell’s Volume — interacting with the environment around them.
You can check out the game for yourself in this new launch trailer.
We’ve gone hands-on with the game already, and it’s looking like a treat for hardcore gamers looking for something to sink their teeth into on Gear. That’s a rare find not just for the platform but for VR in general. Played with either a gamepad of the Gear VR controller, you’ll find over 10 hours of gameplay with 26 different millions in 60 environments. You’ll have six chartacters to command and upgrade.
Earlier this week Coatsink announced an impressive cast for the game, including the likes of Nick Frost from Shaun of the Dead and Kate Mulgrew from Star Trek: Voyager.
Augmented Empire will cost $9.99/£7.99 at launch.
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Source: Oculus Studios’ Augmented Empire Gets A Release Date