New PSVR Releases For Week Of 12/03/17

March needs to end fast. There’s a host of great PlayStation VR (PSVR) games in store for April, including Starblood Arena and Statik, as well as the months to follow, but the few weeks left we have of this month are looking completely barren. If you’re in the EU then there’s nothing for you this week, and US fans are being thrown a very slim bone. Hold tight, PSVR believers; salvation is on the way.
If you missed last week, you can see those new releases here. Also, UploadVR has launched the ‘UploadVR PS VR Community’ on PlayStation 4! Join up, find other gamers to play with, and engage in discussions with them.
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Leave the Next, from Kaio Interactive
Price: $12.99 (US Only)
You might not think that VR needs its own Flappy Bird, but Kaio Interactive clearly disagrees. Leave the Nest is a full 3D take on the smartphone smash hit in which you’ll use the PlayStation Move controllers to imitative flapping with wings and then duck and dive out of the way of incoming obstacles.
Recommendation: We’d recommend passing here. However, there’s nothing else out this week so if you simply have to play a new PSVR game, this is your only bet.
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Source: New PSVR Releases For Week Of 12/03/17