New Line of Removable PS VR Skins Lets You Customize The Future

The PlayStation VR is a sexy piece of machinery. Of all the VR headsets on the market today it has what could be the most interesting design. The halo strap system, the sliding visor and the wreath of glowing futuristic lights all add up to make this system the one most likely to win the “what a person from the 1950’s imagined VR would look like” award. However, just because something looks cool doesn’t mean you can’t make it look cooler. That’s where Flaming Toast comes in.

Flaming Toast is an independent maker of customizable skins for your gaming devices. You can pick from one of the designs or add an image of your choice. The young company is now looking to decorate PS VR. Flaming Toast is offering three different options for PS VR decals.
The first is “Front” only. This product costs $13.99 (currently $9.99) and covers just the front faceplate of your PS VR. The second choice is the “Full,” option. This one costs $16.99 (currently $12.99) and also allows you to deck out the top band of your headset as well. The final set of skins is for your Move controllers. These cost $8.99 per set (currently $6.99) and cover both the front and back of your controller. The image that each of these products bears can be anything you desire.
In a world where VR headsets run the gamete from black, to grey, to black with a dash of white, it’s nice to know there’s an option to spice things a bit and make these devices just a little more personal.
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Source: New Line of Removable PS VR Skins Lets You Customize The Future