New Gear VR Has a Bigger FOV and Look Like This, Leak Suggests

Samsung has a special event coming up on Tuesday August 2nd at which it’s widely it’ll launch not only the latest in its ‘Note’ line of phablets, but also a brand new Gear VR headset to match. This is (probably) what it looks like.

Press image leaks published ahead of a major hardware press event are not uncommon and Samsung’s special ‘Unpacked’ event, due to take place in New York City on Tuesday 2nd August, is seemingly no exception. It’s widely believed that the Korean mobile giant will launch its new Galaxy Note 7 phablet at the event and a new Gear VR headset may well make its first appearance too – according to leaks published by Onleaks, citing official press release imagery – this is what it will look like.
Astute readers (or even those half asleep) will realise that the new device, the 2nd ‘consumer’ edition of the headset, has shifted from predominantly white (in keeping with the Galaxy brand) to black. Should the colour shift hold over to the internal ‘viewer’ part of the headset, this is a welcome change from the puzzling and distracting white finish of the current unit. The colour shift is likely to accommodate what looks to be a new finish for the Note 7 phone, pictured below in fetching charcoal black.

Elsewhere, the new Gear VR unit has apparently grown slightly with the new device coming in at 207(W) x 122(D) x 98.5(H) mm, versus the current model’s 201.9 x 116.4(D) x 92.6(H) mm – so a slightly taller, deeper and wider device overall. Rumour is the new Gear VR will move from micro USB to the incoming standard of USB-C and judging by the image, the phone mount has shifted to a latched caddy design, although it’s difficult to be certain. Those hoping for a bump in resolution for the mobile VR habit will be disappointed though, as the Note 7 sports the same AMOLED screen res of 2560 x 1440 pixels – even if the panel itself curves at the edges in line with the company’s ‘Edge’ series of phones.
Perhaps the biggest technical bump seen in the latest Gear VR which, according to the leaked specifications, takes diagonal field of view from 96 degrees in the current unit up to 100 degrees. A significant shift in potential immersion.
Usual disclaimers apply here of course, these images are not from official sources, but we think they’re unlikely to be fabricated. In either case, we’ll find out on August 2nd as Road to VR heads to the NYC Samsung Unpacked event to find out for you.
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