More Blood & Truth Screenshots Released

London Studios first came to prominence among fans of virtual reality (VR) with the release of PlayStation VR launch title PlayStation VR Worlds. Last year, the studio announced that it was delving into the seedy world of organised crime in London with Blood & Truth. Fans can now get a closer look at what the title will look like.

Blood & Truth extends the ideas presented by London Studio’s PlayStation VR Worlds sub-game The London Heist, putting players in control of a Special Forces officer trying to take down a crime lord.

The main character of Blood & Truth is named Ryan Marks, who returns to London to find that his family have been drawn into the dark world of a criminal syndicate, and he needs to do whatever it takes to extract them from the danger they are in.
Players will be able to shoot down criminal thugs by using the PlayStation Move controllers as guns, and explore hideouts to discover secrets or hunt down criminals in high-seed car chases through the streets of London.
The developers hope to create an experience which lets players choose their own method of responding to a situation, whether it is a simple run-and-gun tactics, or carefully planting explosives. Players will also be able to choose dialogue to move the story in the preferred direction.
VRFocus were fortunate enough to get a hands-on preview of Blood & Truth, saying: “It’s great to see The London Heist given an opportunity to return players to the gritty world it created and offer that same level of immersion in a fantastic looking depiction of London once again, however it’s difficult to escape the feeling that the need to target mass market audiences has resulted in a protagonist more Broadchurch than The Krays. The locomotion system will undoubtedly deter the core audience but is perfectly welcoming to newcomers.”
The new screenshots can be viewed below. Further news on new and upcoming VR projects will be covered here on VRFocus.

Source: More Blood & Truth Screenshots Released