HTC Vive Worldwide Prices Confirmed, €899 in Europe, £689 UK

The HTC Vive VR system is due to go up for pre-order tomorrow (29th February) and we know the US launch price is going to be $799. But what can the rest of the world expect to pay for the new Valve engineered, SteamVR system? A reported leak from HTC’s own website appears to reveal all.

Tomorrow, the 29th February at 10am Eastern (7am PST / 3pm GMT), HTC’s Vive will become available for pre-order around the world. But those residing in regions other than North America were left wondering how much they’d be expected to shell out for the Valve-engineered VR system, after HTC revealed the US price as $799 exclusive of taxes.

Update: HTC just confirmed the prices shown here via a blog post detailing european HTC Vive prices.
Now, thanks to what appears to have been a leak from HTC’s own website, we may have a good idea what non US citizens will have to pay. The full price breakdown and original image is below, but broadly those in Europe can expect to pay €899 the UK price coming in at £689 (both including VAT). The image was quickly pulled from HTC’s site, but not before Reddit users made backups.
The prices listed (with the exception of US and Canada) include local taxes but do not include shipping. Given HTC’s size and experience in worldwide shipping however, it’d be a surprise if individual countries didn’t receive their own local distribution i.e. we’re not expecting units bought in Europe to ship from the US, increasing shipping costs.
Although not confirmed as official figures, HTC have told us that worldwide pricing would use the officially announced US price as a base. On that basis, this pricing table looks to align pretty well with expectations.
What do you get for your money? The highlights are 1 Vive VR Headset, 2 SteamVR laser base stations, 2 SteamVR controllers and the games Job Simulator: The 2050 Archives and Fantastic Contraption.
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