HTC Expands Vive Financing Program – Get a Headset and VR PC Interest Free

Announced today via the official Vive blog, HTC now has three VR bundles available with 6, 12, and 24-month financing plans in an effort to help customers afford the high upfront cost of the system and the required hardware. Bundles now include the option of a graphics card, laptop, or desktop PC to compliment the Vive system. This adds to the existing financing options for the Vive itself, which can bring the cost down to $40 per month for the $800 hardware.
Spreading the cost of expensive VR hardware over several months could make a more manageable entry point for some customers, particularly if they are also in need of additional horsepower to meet the required PC specifications. Following the financing options introduced for Vive hardware in February, allowing regular payments across 6 to 24 months, comes three new options that include ‘VR Ready’ PC hardware. The 6 and 12 month payment plans are offered interest free via PayPal financing options, while the 24 month option will add an 8% APR to the total cost.
VR GPU Bundle
Firstly, the Nvidia GTX 1070 graphics card, one of the most-recommended choices for a VR PC upgrade, can be purchased with a Vive system for $1,000 for a limited time (until April 24th), or $49 per month for 24 months. Vive says this is a $200 discount compared to buying them separately
VR Laptop Bundle
For those looking for a brand new VR-capable PC, the MSI GS73VR laptop is the second hardware bundle with a Vive system for $125 per month. This desktop-replacement laptop has a clear gaming and performance focus, with a large 17.3” display favouring low latency over resolution, running at 1080p and 120Hz. Its GTX 1060 GPU and i7 CPU means it comfortably meets the ‘VR Ready’ minimum specifications, making it an ideal ‘portable Vive machine’.
VR Desktop Bundle
The final Vive bundle is a Cyberpower GXi970 desktop PC for ‘less than $99 a month’. Its key specifications of a modern Kaby Lake i5-7600 CPU and GTX 1070 GPU mean that it is capable of high performance in VR, albeit not at the very top end.
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As noted in the blog, every Vive purchase receives bundled VR titles—currently Richie’s Plank Experience and Everest VR—and one-month free to the Viveport Subscription service.
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