Frontier VR, MakeVR And More Added To Viveport Subscription

As of today HTC’s Viveport Subscription service is one month old, meaning those that signed up at launch have used up their free month and are now able to download a new set of experiences (or choose the same ones from last month) for $6.99. New apps are coming to the service, too, including some you should definitely check out.
Highlighting the new content is Frontier VR, the wonderfully atmospheric experiential piece from Gaugepunk Games. It offers three environments to explore, discovering different interactive elements and mixing with the wildlife of the wild west. It’s a hugely immersive experience that might not have any objectives but is a must see for those that simply like to exist in a space they’ll likely never see for themselves.
Another big addition is MakeVR, the Sixsense-made, Vive Studios-published 3d content creation app that aims to set standards for VR. It was first released on Vive at the end of last month. If you have any interest in making things inside of VR then this should be on your radar.
Elsewhere there are some fairly interesting experiences. Great Pyramid VR mixes exploring the ancient equptian pyramids with an eductional experience, complete with a map that shows you the various workings of the mysterious structures. Spacetours VR, meanwhile, allows you to explore our solar system, visiting eight planets realistically recreated with the help of NASA imagery and Unreal Engine 4. VR Home lets you created a virtual living space, and Solitaire VR does exactly what it says on the tin.
Moriarty Endgame VR is an interesting concept, based off of an Image comic book experience and putting you inside its environments. For scares, there’s OuijaVR, while gamers can enjoy Alcatraz: VR Escape Room and Arcade Saga (if they didn’t scoop it up for free last month).
That’s a pretty healthy selection joining the list, but will you stick with the Viveport Subscription now you have to pay for it?
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Source: Frontier VR, MakeVR And More Added To Viveport Subscription