Cosmic Trip Is Finally Getting A Full Release, Deluxe Edition Revealed

We’re quite fond of Funktronic Labs’ Cosmic Trip here at UploadVR. The PC VR title offers from wonderful strategic gameplay even in its pre-release phase. The title’s soon set to move onto its full release, however.
Cosmic Trip originally released in Early Access just under a year ago on the HTC Vive and came to the Oculus Rift in time for Touch launch last December. After 12 months of rigorous work (and a brief break for a rather amusing April Fool’s prank), the game will be releasing in full on May 24th.
But what does that actually mean?
Well, for starters, the game will feature a complete strategy mode. Over the course the development Funktronic has been adding new environments, enemies, weapons and more. Ultimately you’ll have a lot more content on offer than you would have had a year ago.
Cosmic Trip puts you on an alien planent. You’ll use different weapons to hold off waves of attackers, though using elements like drones provides a little more strategy to the mix than your standard wave shooter.
For anyone that likes a little memorabilia to go along with their VR purchases, there’s also a new Deluxe Edition. It includes a digital artbook and soundtrack.
Plenty of VR games launch in Early Access though it’s not often we see one graduate from it. Expect the price for the full game to be a little higher than the $19.99 it’s available for in Early Access so, if you haven’t already picked it up, now might be a good time to do so.
Now we’re just hoping for a PlayStation VR version.
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Source: Cosmic Trip Is Finally Getting A Full Release, Deluxe Edition Revealed