Compound Dev Goes Full Time As New Map Added

Released in Early Access last month, Bevan McKechnie’s Compound is already one of our favorite VR shooters of the year, and it sounds like there are more good things to come.
Compound received one of its first big updates this week. McKechnie added a new map type to the roguelike shooter named Chemical Processing. It doesn’t change much; it’s still filled with the same enemies you see in the game’s existing environments, but the developer does say that new enemies will be added into the area in future updates. There’s a new music track too, but that’s pretty much it for the updates.
Perhaps the bigger story, though, is that McKechnie is now working on Compound full time. The developer had previously been working on the game in his spare time while keeping up a normal job, but recently handed in his resignation.
“A HUGE THANK YOU to everyone who has purchased the early access version of COMPOUND and allowed me to realize my childhood dream of being a real game developer,” the developer wrote. “Thank you so much! The long delay since the last update was due to the fact I had a lot of extra IRL work preparing things for my replacement. I still have to work for about another month, but once the hand-over is complete COMPOUND development should get a huge boost.”
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Source: Compound Dev Goes Full Time As New Map Added