Befriend A Bird In Falcon Age Coming To PSVR In 2019

Falcon Age is an upcoming PlayStation VR game that will give players a falcon to befriend (and command) on a quest to fight off machine invaders.
Details are still relatively sparse, but a reveal trailer for Falcon Age shows a first-person action adventure title built with PlayStation Move controllers in mind, with your left hand covered in a falconer’s glove. You stay on the ground and issue commands to the bird like fetch, attack and interact, facing off against what looks like a combination of aerial and ground-based enemies. The game can also be played with a DualShock 4 and without the VR headset.

Falcon Age should arrive in 2019 from Outerloop Games, a new independent studio in Seattle. Co-founder Chandana Ekanayake and other members of the team previously built tabletop simulator Dino Frontier as well as Wayward Sky for PSVR. With Falcon Age, then, we see a third-generation title from a practiced developer experienced in taking new VR game design ideas directly to market. Our reviews of those games have noted mixed results, but when it comes to VR that kind of experience should do a lot to inform design choices on Falcon Age.
I, for one, certainly am interested in having a falcon friend after checking out the trailer.

A PlayStation Blog post authored by Ekanayake says in Falcon Age you’ll “learn to hunt, gather, and fight to reclaim your cultural legacy in the lost art of falcon-hunting against a force of automated colonizers. Explore a strange land while bonding with your falcon and helping the resistance.”
The game is playable at PAX booth #660.

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