Beautiful Adventure Scanner Sombre Will Get VR Support

Adapting non-VR games to fit headsets can be a challenge, but every now and again something comes along that’s so compelling we still want to see it in VR. Scanner Sombre is one of those games, and it sounds like we’re going to get out wish.
Mark Morris, co-founder at Prison Architect developer Introversion, confirmed as much in a recent interview with PC Gamer. He explained that the game had deliberately been released without VR support first so that people wouldn’t mistake it for a VR-only title. Such a perception apparently damaged on of Interversion’s earlier games, Defcon VR, which Morris said may have had around seven downloads. It wasn’t clear if he was exaggerating or not.
“That’s the reality of VR,” Morris said. “So, we’re not doing exclusive VR games, I think that would be just nuts at the moment.”
We’re lucky we’re getting Scanner Sombre in VR at all then, but it looks like quite a treat. The first-person adventure has you scanning the world around you, slowly uncovering more of your surroundings using a device in your hands. The game was inspired by classic story-driven experiences like Gone Home and Dear Esther. VR support should be arriving in around six weeks’ time, according to the developer.
It looks like it would be the perfect fit for the HTC Vive wands or Oculus Touch controllers, but there’s no word on if they’ll be supported just yet.
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Source: Beautiful Adventure Scanner Sombre Will Get VR Support