Apollo 11 VR Creators are Back With a Brand New Kickstarter: Titanic VR

The creators of the well-regarded Apollo 11 VR Experience are once again revving up to make history a cinematic event. The first experience from Immersive VR Education took you to the moon aboard Apollo 11. Now the startup is taking you from the highest of heights to the depths of the sea with its new project: Titanic VR.
If you liked Apollo 11 be sure to check out the Titanic VR Kickstarter page, which outlines bigger ambitions than its space-based predecessor with a $53,481 goal. Titanic VR invites viewers to “Experience the sinking. Explore the wreck. An educational and emotional experience for all ages.”

This new project seems to follow a similar narrative format to Apollo 11 VR in that it switches back and forth from sweeping cinematic scenes and interactive elements. According to Immersive VR Education CEO David Whelan:
“The final game will be released in two sections. The first being the fully explorable shipwreck in Q2 of this year. You will control your own sub and ROV. We have something very inception like within the game. To control the ROV you put on a VR headset in your sub while in VR. You control the claws with Touch / Move or Vive controllers but this game also fully supports standard game controllers. You will be asked to complete missions and tasks on the dive site and then complete research on the support vessel top side.”
Titanic VR will have a staggered release schedule for its final act. Whelan explains that “The second section will be released later in the year and is a recreation of the sinking. You will witness all the key events and follow a family’s real fight for survival.”
While it may be structurally similar, Titanic VR is aiming to be a technical leap past Apollo 11 VR. The Kickstarter details that the seafaring experience will be using “motion capture, face-scanning technology and professional voice actors to immerse users in the story and relate to the people involved. We want to create an accurate portrayal of events so it is not only educational, but also emotional and very engaging.”
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Source: Apollo 11 VR Creators are Back With a Brand New Kickstarter: Titanic VR