25 Minutes of New ‘ARKTIKA.1’ Oculus Touch Gameplay

Launching exclusively on the Oculus Rift in Q3 2017, ARKTIKA.1’s polish and presentation has quickly risen it up the ranks to one of the year’s most anticipated VR titles. And though it’s still months away, we’ve got a new glimpse at a chunk of the game’s opening mission.

From 4A games, the creators of Metro series, Arktika.1 is an impressive looking VR FPS that’s due to hit Oculus Touch this year. The title was first revealed at Oculus Connect 3 last year, and this week at GDC, the studio is showing off a 25 minute chunk (see video heading this article) of never before seen content taken from the game’s polished “4–5 hour” campaign.
Nearly a century in the future — in the aftermath of a silent apocalypse — the planet has entered a new ice age. Only the equatorial regions remain habitable, yet pockets of humanity still manage to survive in small numbers all over the planet. These small regions of civilization sit on resource-rich, highly desirable territories to the north and south. As a mercenary hired by Citadel Security, your job is to protect one of the last colonies in the wastelands of old Russia from violent raiders, marauders, and horrifying creatures. Be the savior. Give humanity a second chance.
Arktika.1 aims to be a AAA polished VR FPS that’s all about the guns. It was clear from our first time playing that the studio has spent as much time giving the guns their own character as some of the actual characters themselves. Not only do they look cool, but they’re a blast to shoot thanks to great audio, visual, and haptic design. Many of the weapons will be customizable and some have secondary fire functions, making them much more than a ‘point and destroy’ interface for VR.

Not due out until Q3 2017, the wait for Arktika.1 will be long for some, but hopefully this taste of the game will tide most over for now.
For our deep dive with Arktika.1, check out our hands-on with this latest gameplay here.
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